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D&D Electronics Co.,Ltd.developed and commercialized the first domestic halogen stove in October 1988 and supplied it to Korea's leading condominiums and office type appartments, Continuous research and much effort was put into overcome numerous problem that arouse during the use of the Halogen stove and as a result of our studies,it became definite that the E-range type electric stove best suited the Korean cooking culture.

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  • Company NameD&D ELECTRONICS CO., LTD
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established1994
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsChina,Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand,U.S.A
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
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  • PresidentSOONGI SEO
  • Phone+82-31-424-0100
  • FAX+82-31-424-4036
  • Address207 Megavalley, #268, Hagui-Ro, Dongan-Gu, Anyang City, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea
  • Product Category Agriculture > Agrochemicals & Pesticides > Other Agrochemicals & Pesticides
    Food & Beverage > Food Processing Machinery Parts
    General Industrial Equipment > Cleaning Equipment
    Home & Garden > Cookware

Additional Introduction

About Disinfectant Generator - NaOClean: 


How does NaOClean Water works 

 NaOClean has significant differences with high concentration sodium hypochlorite dilution device. NaOClean can generate the disinfectant consistently to suit constant concentration by controlling the amount of salt, and it has very powerful sterilization with high activity (the excited level of oxidant doing the sterilizing action) because it electrolyzes the whole water with salt. This disinfectant is neutral electrolyzed water without a change in pH of the origin water. You can choose the concentration (100/200ppm) for your purpose of use, and it has high safety by generating at a constant concentration. In addition, it is safe disinfectant for human body without risk of dizziness, nausea, loss of the sense of smell, allergies, mucosal simulation. Also, it is possible to remove odors through the sterilization by eliminating the causative organism and expect the bleaching effect by the principle of oxidation.

The active chlorine generated from NaOClean does not make any environmental pollution and other problems because of its quick natural dissolution.

Result of test with NaOClean water (Electrolyzed water) and chloride based chemicals by the Korea food research institute, the residual chlorine of NaOClean water is 0.03ppm, while chemicals remains 1.75ppm. To reach the residual chlorine about 0.01ppm, NaOClean water is needed to wash just once, while chemicals has to wash more than 4 times.  

Also, the result shows that it doesn’t occur the denaturalization of proteins or browning of foods because it is neutral electrolyzed water. And total vitamin content shows lower reduction by ½~⅓ level with NaOClean than washing with chloride based chemicals.


Get the benefits with NaOClean

These features of NaOClean make an additional profit.

First of all, you don't need to check every chlorine dilution rate because NaOClean can produce the disinfecting water of constant concentration. It prevents abuse of over concentration of chlorine.

Secondly, it can produce off disinfectant in large quantities. In addition, it is economical to use at food processing plants and feeding facilities which need sanitation every day because the cost of production and the electricity consumption is low.

Thirdly, the low residual chlorine can reduce the rinsing time. It helps to shorten the working hours and to save the water consumption into quarters.

NaOClean gets the best sterilizing effect with a small amount of it, because it electrolyzes the whole water in the electrolytic cell at once, while others have to dilute with tap water after electrolysis.

NaOClean, which can generate disinfectant on-site, overcame the defects of quite unstable Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) that has a weak on a light, high ambient temperature and easy natural decomposition. Also, it minimized general disinfectant's weakness: corrosion. Most of all, NaOClean has no resistance at all because it doesn’t effect on your skin with eco-friendly ingredients.


Everywhere you want with NaOClean

This NaOClean has received great attention from the food processing workers, and it is mainly used to ensure the safety of the foods, such as storage of food materials, the sterilizing process in the fish and seafood industries.


Tuna processing plant: ** Fishery, which is a fish processing factory in Korea, has used for sterilizing bacteria and managing the work area with various NaOClean series.

This factory systemized DES-8000 with storage tank which can automatically control the amount of disinfectant according to the amount of storage with water level sensor. Also, they supply NaOClean water through pipelines from storage tank to each processing line for defrosting the tuna and in the area where it is needed.   

By removing bacteria and foreign substance on the surface of tuna, they can solve the problems of bacteria and increase efficiency of work by sterilizing and cleaning at once without hassle.

In addition, the high-pressure washer named DES-WA100E can sterilize bacteria on the surface of the processing equipment such as cutting machine, pulverizer and slicer, also remove leftovers stuck in the machine’s niche. As a result, it prevents cross-contamination by the decay of by-product.

In the entrance where people are passing through, a Hand washing system named DES-WS850 has been installed for managing the personal hygiene by washing hands before work. And, it is also used to remove the bad odor on the worker’s body which was pervaded by a fishy smell. NaOClean can sterilize and deodorize not only the worker’s body, but the clothes, rubber gloves and boots by soaking them. With this, NaOClean helps to improve the whole working environment generally.

Seafood Distribution Center: ** Fisheries Cooperatives in Korea has used NaOClean for preventing to multiply bacteria when they store or transport seafood, and extending the storage period: Using the ice made the NaOClean disinfectant.


FIsh farm: NaOClean is often used as a disinfectant in hatchery buildings or ponds. Ponds that are harvested in an all-in-all-out manner are drained at the end of each production cycle. Between the production cycle when no fish are present in the ponds, washing the ponds with high pressure spay NaOClean (DES-100E) to decreasing the amount of organic matter and potential infectious particles. With using this, worker can easily remove the organic debris, residue of feed and foreign substance on the drain of ponds and sterilize at the same time.


 Kimchi factory: ** Kimchi factory in Incheon, Korea has mainly used NaOClean for washing the cabbage before being stored at a low temperature. It helps to remove the musty odor by disinfecting bacteria on the cabbage, and minimizes the decline of freshness when it is stored for a long period.

With this, NaOClean can extend the storage period and maintain the fresh taste of cabbage. Also, it prevents the contamination of Colon bacillus group makes some bacteria problems when you washing with tap water.

Furthermore, by disinfecting the minor ingredients (chili powder, ginger) and also equipment (cutting machine, food processer) with NaOClean, you can effectively reduce the cross-contamination from the residues. 







About Electric range - Erange: 

Electric cooktop (Coil type) named Erange is very safe and no effect on the human body without Gas; also the risk of gas explosion, poisoning and toxic substances does not occur at all.

It helps to shorten the cooking time with a strong heating power, and it is convenient to use without restriction in the containers. Also, it is easy to clean and repair because the electric coil and drop pan is separated from the body. 


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Our History

  • JUN, 1994We are the expert for the Bacteria Control.